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(Saphia sits in front of a white wall.)

SAPHIA: Hi, my name is Saphia Suarez. I’m the creator of Off the Hook, and I just wanted to come on and say thank you for watching and enjoying season two. 

We went on quite a journey with the character of Saphia as she explored the theme of communalism. She started off quite apprehensive about the idea. She began to find her people and realized that communalism was seeping in through the cracks of her New York City life; she dug into that feeling and began to explore interdependency, boundaries, resource sharing—culminating in her trip to Greece, where she was really immersed in communalist values and vowed to find a way to bring those back to New York with her. And now, we are getting ready for the next season! 

In the next season, which will be launching next week, we will be focusing on cancel culture. We are very excited about that season, so please come back next week, and we will see you there. Bye!

(Fade to outro.)