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(Saphia paces around her apartment as she attempts to draft a voice note on her phone.)

SAPHIA: Hey, Mari. I thought this would just be easier over voice note because that was a long text, and I usually speak better…vocally, so I’m just gonna send you my response. I do think, yes, I see where you sense a shift or a vague sort of distancing from me. I think that’s true that I have done that, and I think the reason is because I just think that we may not vibe, just in terms of being very close friends, and I think that’s okay. Um…that’s totally…fine, you know, not everyone has to be friends…. I think we have—we’re in the same community, we have friends in common, and I think that sometimes it can feel like, “Oh, you need to be friends with everybody,” and I think it’s just fine if we, sort of, aren’t? Anyway, that’s just me saying, basically, that we don’t—we don’t need to force anything. I think that relationships are difficult, and not everyone’s built or cut out to have them with each other, y’know? Not everyone’s meant to be friends…. And I’ve just come to that conclusion, just knowing what I need in a relationship, and seeing how you show up in relationships with other people. You are an amazing person, and I think that the differences that I see in how we do friendship and relationships, and the things I’ve noticed that just, I think are inconsistencies in our personalities, those are not negative, they’re totally fine, it’s just…that they make me think that maybe we don’t need to be friends. Basically, um…I think that there’s just no point in forcing a relationship. And I don’t really think the distance or space that you’re feeling is negative, I don’t think everyone has to be super close. I don’t think, y’know…I personally feel like I’m not built to have more than a few close friends, if that makes sense, and again, I think this is just a reality of life and relationships, and not negative or anything about you, or…y’know, so don’t take it personally….

(Saphia lowers the phone.)

SAPHIA: What am I doing? What do I even owe her? Nothing, I owe her nothing.

(Saphia exits, fade to outro.)