July 19, 2011; Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy | The White House announced yesterday the second high profile resignation from Obama’s offices related to nonprofit social innovation. A few months ago, Patrick Corvington mysteriously resigned from the post of CEO of the Corporation of National and Community Service where the Social Innovation Fund is housed.

Yesterday, Sonal Shah, the head of the three-person White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic participation where the ideas behind the Social Innovation Fund were developed, announced she is stepping down. Neither Corvington nor (according to this report) Shah left for another position but for a “break.”

Apparently Shah’s last task was to set up a meeting between the president and around 50 billionaire philanthropists (including Warren Buffett and Bill Gates) to discuss ways in which government and billionaires can work more closely together to solve all of our problems.

Why don’t I feel comforted?—Ruth McCambridge