March 31, 2011; Source: Washington Post | If you go to the website of Stephen Colbert’s new Political Action Committee – ColbertPAC – you have to type in your e-mail address. Why? Who knows? Does it take you anywhere? No, because there’s no more content on the webpage than the front page asking for your e-mail address.

As our nation’s top political satirist, Colbert may be mocking not only the ubiquitous PACs, but the content of many websites. According to the Washington Post, ColbertPAC’s website features a graphic logo that is “eerily similar” to Tim Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC logo. Is this a step toward running to be the Republicans’ (or Democrats’) candidate for President in 2012?

In 2008, Colbert ran a campaign of sorts aiming at both the Republican and Democratic primaries in South Carolina. His campaign Facebook page at the time had more than a millio