December 11, 2011; Source: The TennesseanWhen the Tennessean ran an article on the fact that the Meals on Wheels programs across middle Tennessee had waiting lists of people eligible for the program and no money to serve them, it had no idea how much the story would matter. “That article noted that although we worked hard to eliminate our waiting list for Meals on Wheels about a year ago, increasing the number served each day from 80 to 140, we now had a waiting list again,” said Mary McKinney of the Bethlehem Centers of Nashville, referring to the $30,000 check she received from a woman who was previously not a donor. “We needed $30,000 to serve those currently on the waiting list for one year. When I looked at all the zeros on that check I was absolutely moved to tears.” With that donation, the waiting list will be eliminated and an additional forty-five seniors will be served for a year. —Ruth McCambridge