At the risk of overexciting the pressed khaki, Ivy League crowd (you know the ones: in their late thirties and still “brash young leaders” in their own minds, “challenging” the status quo, albeit from very safe spaces), I want to share this article that so piqued my interest last night I turned it into a newswire. The article waves the flag for so-called “systempreneurs,” or people who are interested in making the REALLY BIG systems shift to meet really big existing or impending social problems.

It is an interesting idea—hardly new of course, but the prism is being turned a bit and the concept is being linked to an outside-in sourcing of ideas and energy, which—guess what, folks?—is (or should be) our native practice. In fact, the authors link the concept to OWS, which makes good sense.

I would love to hear what you think—and feel free to tell me that I have been duped by the latest intellectual-fad fluff!