A Nonprofit Response to Democracy’s Challenge

Voices from the Field:
Nonprofit VOTE believes that typical voter registration and get-out-the-vote initiatives aren’t enough to make the voting public look enough like the public at large. Equipping nonprofits to engage in nonpartisan outreach with their clients is Nonprofit VOTE’s strategy to encourage underrepresented voters to go to the polls.


Transform the Poverty Industry: Stop States Pocketing Aid via Contractors

States are looking for money wherever they can find it, even if that means taking funds from children and the poor with the assistance of for-profit contractors. In this “Voices from the Field,” an advocate makes a passionate plea for state governments to stop harming vulnerable people by looting programs like Medicaid and foster care.

What's In A Name?

Can We Stop Arguing over “Nonprofit”?

VOICES FROM THE FIELD: For many years, people with time on their hands have argued with the use of the word “nonprofit” to define our sector. Perhaps they have missed the point: The term “nonprofit” works perfectly to denote a motivation that donors and volunteers want to see in addressing causes about which we all care passionately.