Over the years, I have heard way too many stories about bad endings between CEOs and nonprofits.

These stories always put me in mind of those television shows about hauntings. Some uneasy spirit with unfinished business can’t quite wrench him- or herself away from the site of a final trauma to “go to the light.” (Jennifer Love Hewitt can explain it much better than I.) The house is as plagued by that unfinished business as is the poor disembodied spirit stuck tossing the crockery around or bothering the baby. Tenants come and go.

I’m afraid I have exposed myself as a consumer of very bad TV, but the stories are an apt analogy: as it goes with these tales of poltergeists, so it goes with unfortunate endings of nonprofit CEOs. Handled badly, an executive transition can leave an organization with weird phenomena that has real and destructive effects on others for many years to come. Handled well, the executive departs for the light and has lunch now and then with old friends from the organization.

So it doesn’t surprise me that our upcoming webinar “CEO Confidential” has an enormous number of sign-ups already, but there is still room for you. The presenters are women with decades of experience watching and facilitating transitions. They have incredible stories about the processes of leaving badly and leaving well, which they will share with you at this unique (and free) event.