This has been a big news week for NPQ.

We published an article on Monday about the frame-shifting fact that GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance have started a campaign to do away with the obsession on overhead as a primary measure of the grantworthiness of an organization.
We published an article on Tuesday that looked carefully at the Giving USA report for this year, identifying some of the major embedded concerns about our fundraising landscape, and they are very serious ones.
Today we are publishing a feature from Bill Schambra of the Hudson Institute on how the manner of the president of the Ford Foundation’s departure exhibits some of philanthropy’s regressive (my word—not Schambra’s) habits. We covered the fact that Susan G. Komen for the Cure finally chose a new CEO (kinda), and what Congress is thinking about concerning the possibility of new guidelines for 501(c)(4)s. We looked at the continuing trend toward consolidation of federated groups like Planned Parenthood, and on and on. This provides you with the information you deserve about your operating environment.
We worked hard to get these pieces done because we felt that the information would be useful to you, and, in the case of Schambra’s article, would improve the sector’s self-awareness. But, as Schambra mentions in his piece, making people uncomfortable sometimes or pushing at the status quo does not necessarily make you the darling of funders.
Thus we have, this morning, created this page to let you know what will happen if YOU do not support us.
Believe us when we tell you, publishing right now is not easy. In the recent report we covered on nonprofit journalism sites, Kevin Davis of the Investigative News Network  is quoted as saying that our survivability lies in small donations from appreciative readers and in subscriptions. We do not charge you online—thus, we NEED your donations or it just won’t work out.
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