In this morning’s New York Times there was an interesting article about dreaming. Apparently, we all may be dreaming in fast rewind i.e. with the outcome first as a way of processing memory. I would love to relive portions of my life — aspects of it — with such a learning aid in place . . . but before I screwed up. Instead, I have been doomed to make my own painful mistakes.
This is where NPQ comes in handy. Maybe we can help you not make mistakes whose outcomes loom large but in the shadows of someone else’s experience. The Winter edition of the Quarterly contains some vivid illustrations that show what can go wrong when small ethical slippages become a landslide.
The Nonprofit Ethicist allows you to ask your questions about ethical issues you may be observing or facing in your organization in anonymity — and then not just you but we can all benefit from the advice he gives you. That way, maybe we don’t all have to make the same mistakes.
So send your “Dear Ethicist” questions to me by return e-mail today. The Ethicist will answer you confidentially and quickly and if we print your query, we will eliminate any identifying information and run the copy by you first.