As many of our readers already know, NPQ is guided by the intelligence of its readers. Your experiences, questions, and knowledge helps us choose the important topics of the day and formulate how they must be covered. And, among the ways we gather your intelligence is through our annual readers’ survey.

Please take our 2017 survey TODAY so that your voice, experiences, and perspectives can be reflected in our editorial agenda over the next year.

Last year, we added a new, important component that lets us understand more deeply how you and other readers use our articles, webinars, and other content to inform your practice and the practice of those around you. The answers to this question were fascinating, so don’t miss lending your observations.

After we receive your responses, we will send out a summary that reflects what we saw. Each completed survey will be read with an eye toward choosing between 10 and 15 people for our exciting in-person editorial advisory committee meetup to be held in Boston in the fall. (All members of this committee will of course be listed on our masthead.)

Take the NPQ Reader Survey today. It will take only around 15 minutes to complete. We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again: We are who we are because of you.