October 6, 2011; Source: The Guardian | A report issued by the Children’s Society finds that four of ten disabled children are living in poverty in the UK. Even more appalling is the fact that when a disabled child lives with a disabled adult the proportion rises to one in two.

These findings have alarmed social service organizations which have started a petition  to stop welfare reform measures that would drive those statistics up yet further.

Bob Reitemeier, of the Children’s Society comments that “These findings are staggering and very worrying. It seems that all forms of support for disabled children are seriously hampered when families live on a low income. Hidden costs, such as transport, heating and learning aids, are forcing more disabled children and young people and their families into poverty….It is essential that the government does not cut rates of support for disabled children under the universal credit. We believe that this cut in support can only lead to more disabled children being pushed into poverty and we are urging the government to review it.”—Ruth McCambridge