November 29, 2011; Source: Honolulu Civil Beat | Yesterday, Pierre Omidyar, philanthropist and founder of eBay, gave a keynote and was then interviewed by Kelvin Taketa of the Hawaii Community Foundation at a summit sponsored by the Conference of Nonprofit Communities of Hawaii. The result is an interesting and far-reaching conversation with Taketa and the audience that is well worth watching.

Among other things, Omidyar speaks about risk-taking among nonprofits and for-profits, as well as in philanthropy—taking examples from all three realms. He also discusses the importance of building community among those you serve, whether in business or the social sector. Omidyar is most recently the publisher and CEO of Civil Beat, an innovative online news and dialogue venue in Hawaii that uses the tagline “Change begins with a question.”—Ruth McCambridge

Watch Pierre Omidyar’s interview here.