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This editorial note is from the Winter 2021 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly, “We Thrive: Health for Justice, Justice for Health.


Dear Readers,

At the beginning of 2021, we made the decision to focus our content on four key justice areas: racial, economic, climate, and health. We realized that most of the important work of civil society today falls within these. Now, we finish the year with our winter issue, which takes a first look at the emerging field of health justice.

We partnered with Dr. Angel Acosta—a healing-centered educator who works to bridge the fields of leadership, social justice, and mindfulness—to invite an extraordinary group of leading-edge thinkers and practitioners working at the intersection of health and justice to write for NPQ’s first-ever edition focused on the topic.

From social psychiatry, urban policy and health, and African-American youth activism and development to Tribal whole-health care, Birth and Death work, trauma-informed care, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, the range of inquiry at the heart of this collection is both unusually broad and deep. This is because health justice is the culmination of the other core justices at the forefront of societal activism and transformation, and because there is growing understanding that health and healing are key to thriving.

As we come to the end of the second year of the COVID pandemic, we hope that you take time to relax and regenerate. We offer this issue in that spirit.


Cyndi Suarez

President and Editor in Chief