By now I hope that you have noticed that the Nonprofit Quarterly online is new and improved.

Specifically NPQ has transformed its online presence significantly so that you can stay current in this fast-changing operating environment. The most significant change is introducing our Nonprofit Newswire, which assembles news from throughout the United States as well as various fields of practice and that helps you—our reader—to recognize trends in policy, practice, and philanthropy.

As you can imagine, the implementation of this new service means huge changes for our staff. We stay up late compiling the news of the day and get up early each morning to ensure that stories are ready to go, because our commitment to you requires that we don’t just deliver the news but provide a sense of its context and its implications for your work.

As we regularize our offerings and add a steady stream of Web-only articles about time-sensitive issues, we recognize that there will be an increasing division between what we provide online and what we provide in this journal. So we want to take this opportunity to bring you up to date.

From now on, the print publication will focus more exclusively on nonprofit management and governance, on recent research about nonprofits and philanthropy, and on investigative articles. This issue features two great examples of what you can continue to expect in these pages: Clara Miller’s “The Four Horsemen of the  Nonprofit Apocalypse” (see page 22) and “Visual Rhetoric,” an interview with Peleg Top and Jonathan Cleveland (see page 14). These articles epitomize what you can expect from the print publication of Nonprofit Quarterly as we move forward: timeless, insightful articles that surprise and inform.

Meanwhile, the online edition of NPQ will cover more time-sensitive issues and changes in the nonprofit sector and provide interactive forums for you to engage with the material. I must also say that this year has been both difficult and exciting for the Nonprofit Quarterly. Like the rest of publishing, NPQ is swept up in the transformation of the entire industry, and I think we (and you) are far better off as a result. But we need the financial support of our readers more than ever.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Nonprofit Newswire.