We published an article today that addresses the “why” of the lack of diversity on nonprofit boards. The article, “The Face of Nonprofit Boards: A Network Problem” by Tivoni Devor, suggests that the fault lies in our recruiting practices. Relying on board member networks tends to narrow diversity, and this leads to a self-perpetuating loop of sameness.

We here at NPQ have long felt that recruitment practices for boards tend to promote insularity for both the board and the organization, and we would like to open up discussion today on alternatives to the “self-perpetuating” board that groups may wish to consider. Have you tried new practices that worked to diversify the makeup and culture not only of your board, but also in your governance writ large?

To help seed the conversation, we offer an additional article, “Underestimating the Power of Nonprofit Governance.” We look forward to hearing from you!