Welcome to the winter 2019 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly, “Losing Democracy: Troubling Trends in Individual Giving.”

Instead of launching into a description of what is in this issue, we want to acknowledge the work of the members of NPQ’s magazine advisory committee: Fredrik O. Andersson, assistant professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Shena Ashley, vice president, Nonprofits and Philanthropy, Urban Institute; Jeanne Bell, director of advancing practice, NPQ; Chao Guo, associate professor of nonprofit management, School of Social Policy and Practice, and associate faculty director, Fox Leadership International, University of Pennsylvania; Brent Never, associate professor of public affairs, Henry W. Bloch School of Management, University of Missouri-Kansas City; and Jon Pratt, executive director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. We dedicate this issue to them in thanks for their years of engaged and thoughtful contribution surfacing the critical questions that need to be addressed.

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