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(Saphia walks along the Greenpoint pier at sunset.)

SAPHIA (VO): What a beautiful day! Except its a little smoggy. Probably because of all the air pollution from that new high rise going up by the water. God, you really see the gentrification here when you get to the waterfront properties. Of course, Im part of that problem too. So is my landlord, my god, if she raises the rent one more time… so whos worse, really? Does it matter? Probably not. Were all implicated. It really is a beautiful day though. So glad I caught the sunset. I never catch the sunset in time. Look at the waterfront. Shes so pretty. But my god is the water polluted. We took this land and water from communities who actually knew how to care for it and turned it into this green swampy mess. Thats why I don’t understand acknowledgements. Whats the point of acknowledging youre on stolen land if youre not gonna give it back? How would you go about giving back land to Native communities? I feel like youd need to dismantle capitalism first. It always goes back to dismantling capitalism. And in the meantime, were stuck figuring out how to live the least harmful life possible under it. God, this is exhausting. Everything has an opposition. There has to be something…beyond oppositional consciousness. 

(Fade to outro.)