What does worker self-management in nonprofits look like—and can it work in practice? In this webinar conversation, a coproduction of NPQ and the Sustainable Economies Law Center, we’re looking at nonprofits that have implemented worker self-management and analyze both the successes and challenges inherent in sharing management authority across the entire staff.

In this webinar, we asked people who have participated in worker self-directed nonprofits to share their experiences. Our expert panelists are:

Among the many questions this webinar explores are the following:

  • What is a worker self-directed nonprofit?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of a worker governance structure in a nonprofit context?
  • How do worker self-directed nonprofits help nonprofits advance economic justice?
  • What design decisions need to be made to make a worker self-directed nonprofit effective? How are course corrections made if the system runs into problems?
  • How does having a worker self-directed nonprofit affect personnel evaluation and worker access to company information?
  • How does having a worker self-directed nonprofit affect careers ladders and compensation levels?
  • How does a worker self-directed nonprofit interact with the Board?
  • What can other nonprofits learn from worker self-directed nonprofits’ experiences?




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