May 25, 2012; Source: The Independent

To say that a recent charity gala intended to benefit the Clinton Foundation Millennium Network didn’t go quite as planned would be a significant understatement. Guests were eager to hob nob with Bill Clinton and other celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and, but according to The Independent, the event’s hosts themselves referred to what took place as a “total shambles.”

For starters, guests had to wait in line for as long as two hours to get inside. Once inside, they found that the underground London venue hosting the event smelled terrible and featured walls and ceilings that were dripping with condensation. Marie Phillips, the author of the novel Gods Behaving Badly, summed up the mess with this tweet: “There is literally damp dripping from the ceiling. Clinton talked about climate change for 30 secs…WORST. PARTY. EVER. The queue was the highlight. Unbelievable.”

The Clinton Foundation has reportedly offered a refund to some guests. If anyone has an event planning/charity fundraiser disaster story that can beat this one, tell us all about the gory details in the comments section below. –Mike Keefe-Feldman