Titilola Harley: I co-wrote, along with two of my colleagues and friends on here, the article called “Measuring Is an Act of Power.” And I think that some of the things I know you said really resonated. I certainly did not and kind of still do not necessarily consider myself a writer. So the prospect of capturing this in a way that could convey well in a publication was daunting, and I’m so grateful that I was not doing it on my own. And I can say that the subject matter came through some really organic conversations that I was having along with Angela and Candace, my co-writers. And so, it was this amazing opportunity to focus some of those organic conversations. And I learned so much from both of them just in the process of trying to decide what is the most important thing that we have the opportunity to say here?

But the pain was real, too. In my case, I think it was a very visceral reminder of how far we have to go, and how far our society has to go. But ultimately, it is certainly exciting seeing such a beautiful, beautiful publication. I got my hard copy, and I was like, oh my god, and there’s my name. And I think to be in community with other folks who have a similar, concern and desire to see something bigger and better for ourselves, our communities, our kids. And there’s something about this nice new club that we’re all in, both in terms of the challenge to really, now, walk the talk, but also knowing that like, we’re not alone in really designing this and then wanting to capture it. So, I’m grateful for the opportunity. And yeah, it’s exciting.