NPQ needs your help — and what we need from you is quick and easy.

Over the past nine months, the Nonprofit Quarterly has been in the eye of a small but potent storm as we have spun off from our parent organization, Third Sector New England. Although the ultimate objective was agreed upon, these processes are always disconcerting, and this one was no exception. We laughed — we cried — we learned a lot and were deeply humbled by the support we received. And, on April first NPQ became emancipated; officially “grown” as an independent nonprofit.

We want you to understand this because NPQ’s future is now in your hands.

We are, like you, a nonprofit — and we are at your service. NPQ’s editorial intention is to help you make sense of the problems that you face every single day. We help you develop your understanding of things such as governance; financing models; your interactions with funders from government to foundations to individual contributors; and your accountability relationships with various stakeholders. We help you understand the trends in your environment — the demographic, economic, and political forces that affect your work. We help you imagine and implement new and more effective ways of deploying your resources.

The way we stay on track with all of this is through careful and constant conversation with nonprofits of all stripes and sizes. We don’t take our direction from anyone else — thus, the need for NPQ’s independence.

But, of course, no nonprofit is fully independent. Each should be answerable to its constituency — in this case you.

The best way to stay accountable to you is to employ a financial model that ensures that we are primarily dependent on you — so there have to be a lot of you paying for subscriptions to make NPQ work as it should.

This is possible if you help us. Here is what you can do:

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NPQ is known as the premier nonprofit practitioner’s journal. It sets a new standard and its success is a strong indication that nonprofits are coming into their own. Invest in NPQ and your own effectiveness: Subscribe!