NPQ needs your help with our annual survey.

When I was sitting at home a few weeks ago, a massive explosion shook the area. I waited for the sirens but none came. The next day, I read that a bridge that had been recently condemned (leaving many homeless people and nonprofits stranded) had been blown up. Even so, when I took the ferry to work a few days later, I became disoriented because we always traveled under that bridge about halfway across the harbor—I was waiting for it – a little confused, and then I saw we were well beyond where it used to be.

The world nonprofits and philanthropy can be chaotic but there is always order there – we just have to find it to work with it competently and that has to be done together. Part of that finding the way has to do with avoiding false directionals and starting from what those working in the environment know about it.  

NPQ means to be a kind of combination weather station and GPS for nonprofits and philanthropy, tracking trends and environmental shifts, where we have been and where we are going, in a way that does not assume your surroundings are stable. This helps you avoid driving off a bridge in the fog, or because you are speeding unwisely in the rain, or because the bridge has just been blown up.

At NPQ, we do have a sense of the landscape you are in, but we need your help to fully know what that means to your organization and how you are responding – to know where you are now and where you mean to go to help you and our other readers with the information you need.

That is why we do a survey of our community of readers every year. Whether you are a small museum in a rural setting or a large multi-site community health centerspread across a city, understanding what keeps you up at night and what you need to find out more about is our editorial starting point. So please help us by filling out the survey today.

And if you need additional incentive, NPQ always chooses 20 or so respondents to join us at an in-person session to fine-tune our editorial agenda for the year. It is an exciting event. Plus, if you fill the survey out completely, you may win a one-year subscription to our print journal.