Nice Donations… If You Can Get Them

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If you are interested in policy issues affecting nonprofits and philanthropy, you very likely have been a dedicated reader of the Cohen Report over the past year. Everything evolves, though and the NPQ online strategy is no different so I am glad to announce a change that will make the Cohen Report even more dynamic and fast moving.

Up until now, we have emailed the Cohen Report to readers each month with a cover note plus three or four attachments. That amounted to a lot of stuff to open, download, and digest in any one sitting.

But from now on, the Cohen Report will be more like the Cohen Dim Sum, a series of tasty tidbits filled with nonprofit-related news, commentary, and analysis that will be posted on the NPQ Web site as events occur. Rather than four articles in one helping, you can keep returning to the Cohen Report online for dumplings as they are cooked and ready.

Instead of sending you full reports we will send you short notices with links but more often.

In this issue of CR we were struck by one of the national nonprofit infrastructure organizations honoring T. Boone Pickens for his charitable endeavors. Who is Boone Pickens? He’s the guy whose charitable focus seems to have found the Oklahoma State University golf team, an institution that has the good sense to invest the Pickens gifts back into the hedge funds Pickens manages. We had to take a peek. You should too.

As a kid, I was always quite taken with the concept of a dim sum. I hope it works for you.

  • Larry K. Van Zandt SR.

    I have enjoyed the issues of NPQ over the years I hape that the Cohen report is just as exciting