• Julie Bornhoeft

    In the midst of the holiday chaos, I took a few minutes to read the NQ newswire and found this gem from Simone. Reminding us the why of our work and the gifts we receive when we do our job well is truly appreciated.

  • Laura Maurer

    Thank you, too, Julie for summing up my feelings about Simone’s article.

    It was refreshing and I mean that in the most basic way…I feel re-freshed in my desire to better understand charitable giving from both ends. Thank you!

  • Aaron Lester

    Hello Julie and Laura. I’m sorry for the delay in my response – some computer glitch. Thanks for your comments. By focusing on our donors – their interests and feelings – we are rejuvenated. By listening to their stories, we understand their aspirations and we’re humbled and inspired. As my partner Tom Ahern says: “Fundraising is not about funding your agency. It’s about realizing the donor’s dreams and needs.” So we refresh ourselves as the professionals. And we must engage our CEO and staff colleagues – and our board members – in this experience of philanthropy. Happy new year.

  • Thaler Pekar

    These are certainly important questions to ask donors. To elicit true stories that may share additional, vital knowledge as well as explain otherwise complex information and relationships, consider asking your donors to “Recall the first time” they gave to your organization, or “Tell about a time” that they felt really connected to your organization.

  • Simone Joyaux

    Thanks, Thaler, for your comments. Richard Radcliffe, UK legacy consultant, says the most important question to ask a donor is: Why did you FIRST give to our organization? My website has lots of other questions to ask donors. And I’m adding your question “Tell me about a time that you felt really connected to our organization” to my list of questions. Thanks.