• Laura Bragg

    Simone, great advice. I once worked for an organization that surveyed its alumni and donors, yet did very little with the data received! Honestly, they did not really appreciate the responses they received from alumni and reacted offended by some suggestions. I felt this was a poor use of research money. Had the organization been ’emotionally’ ready for some of the potential responses they were going to receive from alumni, they could have used the information for good. Instead, they just sulked and say, “poor us for having terrible alumni.” I appreciate how you simplify the process of talking to strangers at events. It is true, it really is that easy. I am always surprised to see Development staff afraid to talk to strangers and cultivate relationships.

  • Simone Joyaux

    Thanks, Laura, for your comment. What a sad testament – that we are not “emotionally” or “practically” ready for feedback from our donors. If some business treated us, as customers, this way, we customers would rebel. And our donors will rebel, too. Wake up out there, organizations and fundraisers. No one owes you money. Just because you do good work (I hope), doesn’t mean you’re entitled to charitable contributions. No organization – no matter the cause – deserves donors. We earn donors. We earn the right to have donors. We build the loyalty of donors. Or not. Check out Tom Ahern’s upcoming e-newsletters featuring research by Adrian Sargeant. Check out Adrian’s research yourself. Pretty scary.