Nonprofit Newswire | D.C. Central Kitchen vs. Rush Limbaugh


August 20, 2010; Source: WUSA | The key to maximizing website visits on the Internet involves using the right keywords. We know one keyword that always works—Rush Limbaugh. Another key is good video. This story has both.

Recently, Rush went off on nonprofits, declaring those of us who work for nonprofits a “bunch of lazy idiots” and, intriguingly “rapists in terms of finance and the economy.” Tough stuff from the Rush man! The head of the D.C. Central Kitchen, the irrepressible Robert Egger, took to YouTube to challenge Limbaugh’s diatribe, asking if Rush meant to attack the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund or the Heritage Foundation. Limbaugh does fundraising pitches for the Heritage Foundation. (Watch for the obscene hand gesture finale.)

Since conservative groups like Heritage are no less nonprofit than the liberal economy-rapists Limbaugh decries, why does the broadcaster feel such hostility toward the nonprofit sector? Maybe it was because of the criticism he got from the nonprofit National Organization for Woman recently, prompting him to re-acronym NOW as NAG (National Association of Gals).

Maybe it was because the $11.75 million he got for his New York City penthouse was more than $2 million below his asking price (though well above the $5 million he paid in 1994), perhaps because New York City has a lot of nonprofits that bring down property values?

Something is egging Limbaugh. Since he didn’t name names, we don’t know whom Limbaugh specifically meant when he declared us idiots. If anyone knows which nonprofit or nonprofits got Limbaugh’s undies in a twist, please let us know. That Rush Limbaugh is some great long tail keyword.—Rick Cohen

  • Adrianne Russell

    I’m not sure what nonprofit workers did to get on his bad side, but none of his arguments made sense. Considering all that he’s done (and continues to do) for nonprofits, his comments seem *slightly* hypocritical.

    My assessment of his comments:

  • rick cohen

    thanks for your comment. You’ve caught me–I always try to find the rationality in people, even if there is at times none. I keep thinking that there must be something that has ticked off Rush so bad. Maybe it was among his political allies. Perhaps Ed Fuelner at the Heritage Foundation failed to fully acknowledge his fundraising for the place. Would love to find the specific trigger for Rush’s outburst.