Sewage Fee or Toilet Tax?

November 1, 2010; Source: Syosset Patch |Here’s an intriguingly blatant attempt to impose taxes on tax exempt organizations. The Nassau County (NY) government has added a sewer “usage fee” as a revenue raiser in its budget. The odd feature is that this usage fee targets nonprofit organizations, including fire departments, schools, nonprofit hospitals, and nonprofit colleges. The fee would be determined based on winter water usage (to avoid imposing the fee on nonprofits that might use water for irrigation) at one cent for every gallon of usage. The Republicans in the county legislature hope that this expected $38 million in usage fee revenues will materialize to close a $28 million deficit in the county’s sewer district. Aimed only at nonprofit property owners, the sewage fee is really a tax and ought to be discarded as unconstitutional and destructive.—Rick Cohen

  • Dr. R. Ruth Linden

    Did anyone see the 2001 Broadway show “Urinetown: The Musical,” a satirical comedy musical? It satirizes the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, and municipal politics and predicts just this sort of tax.

  • M

    The bill was amended to excuse fire houses, and veteran halls from the tax. The tax bill will also be hidden in a school tax.

  • rick cohen

    just goes to show you that life is often just as strange if not stranger than fiction

  • rick cohen

    some taxes do get passed along so that others pay; you’re right that this becomes a hidden pass-along school tax