• Jerry Kappel

    In this economic environment, goals have to be continually reset–and the organization has to be able to strategically adapt on a continuing basis. Today the market dropped over 500 points and respected economists are talking double-dip recession. Donors have a high degree of unease. Just when their stock portfolios have begun to recover to pre-2008 levels they see their wealth diminish. It is critical for the development director to continually monitor the macro and micro environment. If the board and senior management feel as if what is occuring in the broader economic environment will not effect the organization and its donors, they are sadly mistaken. Strategic environmental scanning and adaptive planning are the critical actions that must be taken.

  • David Singh

    Jerry – agreed.

    I think its critical – no matter what the economic climate – to do a few things:

    1) Always look for new avenues to find new supporters

    2) Nurture the supporters you have now, treat them as shareholders rather than just donors

    3) Adjust tactics and objectives – not necessarily strategies – to environmental cues.