• Morten Schmidt

    Good inputs. I agree. We turned the financial targets into shared goals for the whole institution, but also integrated diversification and consolidation goals, and then we transformed the funding goals into being learning, support/advisory oriented, and relationship management oriented.

  • Simone Joyaux

    Very nice. I like the concept of shared goals for the whole institution – not just in fundraising but in so many areas. If you have a chance, would you share with everyone a bit of what you mean by “diversification and consolidation” goals?

  • John Godfrey

    I agree, Simone – a fundraiser’s priority is building relationships and promoting a case for support. Dollars raised are a function of those two factors. It is much more effective and encouraging for fundraisers to specify metrics and KPIs based on these rather than dollars raised. http://www.artfultraining.com

  • Susan Murphy

    Well put! Often priorities are in the wrong place and by shifting them to the right focus with the right people more can be accomplished. Fundraising ins a process not a finite goal.

  • Nathan Slovin

    I like your analysis, but need more like what is the standard for donor retention? What is a donor retention rate that we should shoot for?