“Dickie V” Suggests Diverting Campaign Ad Money to Charity

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August 16, 2012; Source: Twitter

If you’re a sports fan and listen to ESPN, you have heard the over-the-top commentary of basketball commentator Dick Vitale, who splices his commentary with assorted descriptions and monikers ending with “baby.” “Dickie V” recently tweeted: “I am already tired of the POLITICAL ADS – A waste of CASH – much BS BABY! Give those dollars to THOSE IN NEED / DICKIE V 4 PREZ.”

Even if you don’t like his sports analysis, give Vitale credit for his strong commitment to charity, particularly the VFoundation, which is named after the late North Carolina State University basketball coach Jim Valvano, who died of cancer not long after his team surprisingly won the NCAA basketball championship. Vitale puts in his time for the VFoundation and other charities, and we get his message here. According to NBC News, spending on political advertising so far in this presidential campaign has topped $512 million, more than all of the political advertising done in the 2008 campaign, and we still have months to go in the Obama/Romney electoral scrum.

The ads are getting more ugly, stupid, and nearly ubiquitous, especially if you add in the “independent” expenditures for political ads against congressional candidates. It’s hard to argue with Vitale’s judgment that these funds could be much better spent for “THOSE IN NEED.” Hopefully, the next time Vitale appears on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning,” one of his regular gigs, he’ll bellow, “REIN IN THOSE 501(c)(4) SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANIZATIONS, BABY!”—Rick Cohen

  • Tish Mogan

    Thanks for this article. I had to comment since as I was driving to work this morning and listening NPR I was ovewhelmed with sadness as I listened to the amounts of monies being raised for political campaigns. We could probably buy health insurance for most of the uninsured or solve at least one major social problem with that amount. What nonrpofit wouldn’t do for just a measely (by compaign giving standards) half a million dollar grant. It is so sad. Tish Mogan

  • Hunter

    Giving all of that money to charity is an awesome idea! It’s all wasted money anyways. The facts are always so skewed that I stopped listening a long time ago. That money loses even more meaning now that I think about how many people I know getting Hoppers. Just last week I advised one of my DISH coworkers to upgrade so that he can use Auto Hop like I do. I haven’t seen a single political commercial (or any commercial) since I upgraded and started watching my Primetime Anytime recordings with Auto Hop enabled. Give that campaign money to people who need it and the rest of us will actually read up on the issues/people in play.