Hawaii’s Sequestration Impact Response Team Will Include Nonprofits

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March 29, 2013; Source: Pacific Business News

Last week, nonprofit leaders in Hawaii met to discuss the impacts of budget sequestration. Exactly what those impacts will be remains to be seen, as ongoing budgetary uncertainly leaves many nonprofits that receive government funding in a state of fiscal limbo, but one thing that Hawaii nonprofits appear to have in their corner is the ear of Gov. Neil Abercrombie. Abercrombie has responded to the federal government’s budget sequestration – the automatic cuts to both defense and domestic programs that NPQ has covered frequently – by establishing a Sequestration Impact Response Team, and according to Abercrombie’s legislative liaison, Debbie Shimizu, he wants to add two nonprofit leaders to the group.

While it is far too early on in the process to evaluate the efficacy of Hawaii’s sequestration response group, it bodes well for the Aloha State’s nonprofits and those that they serve – as much as anything can bode well in the wake of sequestration budget cuts, that is – that such a task force exists and that the governor is actively seeking input from the state’s nonprofit sector. Does your state have a sequestration impact response team with nonprofit voices at the table? Should it? –Mike Keefe-Feldman

  • Rowie Taylor

    The nonprofit sector in the State of Hawaii has always been forward thinking and very proactive. The very real partnership between Hawqaii state government and Hawaii’s nonprofit agencies is one other states should try to replicate.

  • Samuel Mitchell

    I would like to see a Union Leader with community service background on this sequestration task force. I think Gov. Neil Abercrombie should pick someone who has served in both public and private business, understand politic and care about the poor. Being in a employee of a non-profit is ok, but what skills and contacts do they bring to the table.