• Eric Zuesse

    This is just one more indication of Hillary Clinton’s corruptness. She has cozied up to Wall Street, and her top twenty career contributors are almost 100% Wall Street. Then she as Secretary of State let TransCanada select the contracting firms to write the first two drafts of the Keystone XL Pipeline’s crucial Environmental Impact Statement, both of which drafts were pure whitewashes that ignored the impact that approval of the proposed pipeline (to be owned and operated by TransCanada Corporation) would have on global warming. It’s amazing that a politician with such a corrupt record is supported by most Democrats to become the Party’s standard-bearer in 2016. Republicans are expected to accept corrupt people representing them in politics, but Democrats aren’t. Apparently, corrupt people are now accepted by Democrats, too. What, then, is left of the Democratic Party? Are people supposed to vote Democratic because Democrats are merely conservative, while Republicans are all-out fascists? Are voters supposed to vote now for the lesser of two evils? Is progressivism now dead in the U.S.? Is U.S. politics to be now a choice between conservatism and extreme conservatism? If so, the U.S. is now disgusting.

  • Onersphor Kyara