The Language of Hate: Westboro Forges On after Death of Founder

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April 14, 2014; Coloradoan

Despite the death of its leader, the Rev. Fred Phelps, the Westboro Baptist Church continues to spread word of God’s hatred of almost all of us. On a leaflet posted here, the church declares that it will protest at a Colorado State University graduation ceremony on May 17th.

“Students graduating from universities in doomed-america [sic] this year are a unique generation—unique in their filthy manner of life; unique in the lies that pervade their every thought; unique in their aggressive enabling and embracing of fags and same sex marriage; unique in their utter ignorance of the Bible and anything that matters in this life. They’ve been immersed in deadly lies from the womb, and truly would have been better off killed at birth.”

While we might on most days dismiss this stuff as so much pathetic drivel, in the wake of the shootings in Kansas it is hard to think of any of this kind of language as entirely divorced from action. As we wrote a few days ago, Frazier Glenn Miller was “a raging anti-Semite who has posted more than 12,000 times on Vanguard News Network (VNN), whose…founder Alex Linder has openly advocated exterminating Jews since December 2009.”—Ruth McCambridge

  • Amos Azariah

    How do you compare WBC to these violent freaks when for 23 years WBC has neither committed or advocated violence? Praising God for God’s work has no relationship to any act of violence. What your false nonsense does is create a very real and oft-demonstrated explosion of violence TOWARD WBC members … which is exactly what you hypocrites really want.

  • Quit fooling yourself

    A lot folks on the extremes in our society would like to divorce their words from the actions of those who take those words as “calls to action”. Just this week on well known conservative radio show in a rural part of our state, I listened to a several hour conversation justifying the aggressive reaction against the federal government for daring to remove a non-fee-paying Nevada rancher from our public lands….yes, our public lands, not their private lands…Just a common deadbeat drag on our society operating a failing ranch who himself acknowledges that he owes We The People at least $300,000 in back grazing fees.

    For far too long, those that spread the words of extremism have gotten a free pass to stand behind the First Amendment and claim that we citizens should not only protect them, but we should also never associate their extreme words and messages to the actions of the few crazies who dare act on those words.

    At least don’t treat us like dolts. We must all know that extremist messengers either fully know what they’re doing, or just conclude that they are hopelessly naïve about human history and the power of language. Sadly, I don’t doubt for a minute that the messengers of hate know exactly what they’re doing and exactly who their audience is.