• Bruce H Peters MD

    Hydrogen, a desired future energy carrying and storing element, is perhaps most easily found in hydrocarbon fossil fuels. The hydrocarbon industry is really a hydrogen industry with a carbon problem…and they know that. They have $6 trillion tied up in future leases that lose value if not allowed to be used. They want to make money and would even more like to sell carbon free products if allowed to do so. They have means to leave more carbon underground thus getting relatively more hydrogen to be used as such or converted to ammonia which transports and stores hydrogen well and when it is burned or provides energy in a fuel cell, it does so without any carbon emission . This can carry energy from sun, wind or any other clean source as a practical liquid fuel as well. This can work better than using battery energy storage. So it might be better to insist that the oil business moves to this type of thinking rather than kill it and be left with a wonderful sounding but austerity fostering and basically unworkable alternative of relying fully on entirely fossil fuel free energy. The petroleum industry has such an ongoing stream of income and concern about the existential challenge of a boycott of their business, plus the support of a government that knows the need for fossil based energy but can’t really say so to the well meaning zealots many of us are. They want our vote and will sing a happy song to get it. Climate change and carbon crap in the air are real, but so is the need to power the jet planes and warships and industrial plants that help make our lives so comfortable . You won’t destroy the hydrocarbon folks, but you can join with them in reaching the energy regime all of us can be proud of.