• Jerseygator

    Their services outside of abortion can easily be replicated. Margaret Sanger would be appalled at this operation. It has been taken over by those who are more interested in profit than patient care or so-called choice.

  • We held a discussion in my office this morning about the controversy. Both sides of the abortion/reproductive rights issue were represented, and there was consensus on the poor communications thus far by PPFA officials. The ABC interview of PPFA President Cecile Richards by George Stephanopoulos (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/planned-parenthood-president-organization-broken-laws/story?id=32692100) was not only hyper-rehearsed, it spent at least as much time attacking the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) as it did highlighting PPFA’s mission and accomplishments. The more time PPFA says “they’re evil,” the less time they spend saying “they’re wrong on the facts.” More importantly, the more they attack the CMP, the less the public will hear PPFA’s positive message and regard it as a particularly distasteful mud-slinging match.

  • JFK38

    Why shouldn’t they be investigated? If they were cutting up unborn puppies, they would be investigated. What are they afraid of? If they are doing nothing wrong, they should be completely open to investigation. If they are worried about the time it will take, then don’t stall.