• Harvey Newman

    Is it the choice of a person of wealth to decide how to use his or her wealth? I think yes.
    The “robber barons” of the late 19th and early 20th century who chose to be philanthropic tended to distribute their wealth at the end of their careers. Eisenberg is choosing to create the potential to be charitible with his funds early in his professional life. Is he benefiting in tax laws by using an LLC model to control his assets, or will he benefit when the assets are distributed to tax deductible 501(c)3’s? Has he given up any personal benefit of tax deductibility or will he be advantaged in other parts of the IRS laws by moving the funds to an LLC?
    It would be interesting to see a tax law analysis of the LLC means of being philanthropic.

  • Julia

    Putting aside the questionable honesty of the Chan Zuckerberg announcement, the fact that they were able to amass this kind of wealth reflects a broken tax system that contributes to the growing economic inequality.

  • Ronald David Greenberg

    What of the limited liability feature of the LLC to shield their assets from lawsuits?