• Robkall-opednews

    Your concerns are very legitimate. So much money and power can be dangerous simply because of its size. My hope is that Chan-Zuckerberg will take the same approach to philanthropy and the desire to make positive change happen that Zuckerberg has taken to Facebook– investing heavily in developing bottom-up technology and approaches that create new models of helping make positive change happen. Paul Hawken has said there are over a million social and environmental justice organizations at work. Hopefully, Chan-Zuckerberg will develop robust, bottom-up, systems-thinking approaches that maximize change while minimizing the heavy handed top-down adverse side effects of great power.

  • I’d rather have philanthropists like Bill Gates and, now, Mark Zuckerberg work on solving big problems than politicians and bureaucrats. These successful entrepreneurs understand how to measure performance and how to massively scale activities when appropriate. I find the public/private split in the U.S. reassuring rather than troubling. It wouldn’t surprise me if the 20% social expenditure level in the US is as efficient as the higher spending levels in countries where the government does most of it.

  • Jack Blumenfrucht

    The Bill Gates, Warren Buffets and now Zuckerbergs/Chans of this world have so far contributed close to USD 1 trillion to improve education and health care worldwide, having in the process saved many lives and transformed and improved the lives of millions!!! Moreover, these contributions have no religious/political strings attached. Yes, all above contributors insist – rightly so – on a hands-on approach to ensure their money (by the way, considering Zuckerberg’s USD 45 billion donation throw-away money is totally absurd and outrageous and does not say much about the writer) is not wasted as it the case for many NGOs and most Government and UN related organizations.

  • Julia

    I share your concerns about the negative consequences of large, ideologically-driven “donations” – whether set up as a foundation or an LLCs.

    We need to look no further than the damage that the Walton family, Bill and Melinda Gates, Eli Broad and other billionaires have done to public education through their ideologically driven privatization initiatives!

    Polling data confirms that the very wealthy have more selfish economic beliefs than most Americans and they are certainly not better informed or better able to make wise policy decisions than a democratic policy process.

    We should be taxing wealth more, to help narrow the growing economic inequality. And, we should be limiting the ability of individuals, corporations and organizations to buy public policies through strict campaign finance laws.

    Neither economic inequality not a purchased political system are good for our society.