Reframing Social Issues Before, During, and After an Election: An Essential Guide

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Editor’s Note: After last night’s presidential debate, our readers may be looking for a rhetoric translator. This webinar with Julie Sweetland of the Frameworks Institute breaks down the basic narratives that are in constant use by U.S. politicians whenever an event like last night’s occurs. Understanding these narratives is a necessary for nonprofits that may wish to advance a different agenda.


  • You will learn to distinguish three “foundational narratives” that have been sustained over time in US politics – with vivid examples of how these stories have been told in the current presidential campaign
  • You will learn how the assumptions and effects of these narratives shape much of the work we all do
  • You will be introduced to communications strategies (language, visuals, tactics) that let you use these discourses as tailwinds

About speakers:

sweetlandJULIE SWEETLAND is a sociolinguist and Vice President for Strategy and Innovation at the FrameWorks Institute where she leads efforts to diffuse the organization’s cutting-edge, evidence-based reframing recommendations throughout the nonprofit sector. Since joining FrameWorks in 2012, she has led the development of powerful learning experiences for nonprofit leaders, and has provided strategic communications guidance for advocates, policymakers, and scientists nationwide and internationally.