• Kathleen Minder

    I’m curious what Omaha’s most famous business man, Warren Buffett, would say about this. It upsets me, as a donor, a supporter of Goodwill enterprises in New York, and as a NFP professional. How does their Board of Directors, who determines executive compensation, justify this?

    • Sam Shyken

      This is what Susie Buffett told the Omaha World Herald as noted in the 10/28/16 edition.

      .”I think the board should be embarrassed.
      I think (McGree) should have been fired Monday or earlier. I don’t know
      why he’s still there.

      “They will never get another penny from the Sherwood Foundation. There is my statement.”

      Susie Buffett runs the Sherwood Foundation. Her father, Warren Buffett runs Bershire Hathaway, which owns the Omaha World Herald.

  • Sam Shyken

    The Chairman
    of the Board of Goodwill Industries, Omaha is Joe Lempka. Joe is the
    President of the Kiewit Building Group. As far as I know, all of the
    Goodwill retail centers and the Headquarters on North 72nd Street were
    constructed by Kiewit. This may all be above board, but it does appear
    to be odd. If there was a competitive bidding process and Kiewit was
    deemed to be the low bidder, which is required on public financed
    projects, then there is no issue. Not sure if Goodwill fits this
    mold, but it does make for a comfortable arrangement for Kiewit and
    Goodwill to have Joe on the Board.

    • Kelly

      hi, Sam – That’s really interesting – do you happen to know the timing of the various construction projects vs. Mr. Lempka’s tenure on the Board?

      There’s a such a difference between a legitimately-contracted construction company doing work for an organization and then having an executive later join the non-profit’s Board, and the concerns about potential self-dealing that would arise if the process happened in the other order…