Only You Can Make This Happen!

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Today I want to call your attention to two things:

  1. Our intensive, month-long focus on the nonprofit workforce.
  2. NPQ’s dependence on your contributions (look below to see how to double the value of your contribution today!).

These are linked.

In our newswire today, we ran both a broad feature about executives of color as unicorns, and a profile piece about a particularly extraordinary leader, John Valverde. John’s profile initiated our “NPQ and You” series, and you can expect to meet more exceptional leaders over the rest of this month. This attention to the intelligence, perspectives, and motivations of the sector’s workforce separates us from other publications, who see a few elites as the only consistently credible voices. Our awareness of the talent and smarts that power the nonprofit sector motivates us to color outside the lines so we can better serve you.

This focus and dependence on the wisdom of YOU who work in the trenches of this sector for all the right reasons reflects NPQ’s understanding of its readership. Our community is comprised of dedicated people with well-developed skills and knowledge who are  always trying to understand more about their evolving environment, so they can get even better at their work.

This respect for our readers is, we hope, reflected in what everything we publish for you, but it is crystalized in the campaign we are running: “This is who we serve.”

Your contribution, however, is necessary to our ability to maintain an independent point of view as YOUR journal of practice. Your contribution is necessary to ensure that we can continue to serve YOUR needs as dedicated and smart practitioners, who are always looking to improve in a sector focused on justice, equity and community.

Please help NPQ raise the $100,000 we need by the end of the year.

If you give a gift of more than $250 today, we will use it as a challenge to other readers but, of course we welcome gifts of all sizes. Remember, there is no one but YOU for us to depend upon.