• “In 2008, a national study, “Ready to Lead?”,
    produced by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, the Annie E. Casey
    Foundation, the Meyer Foundation, and Idealist.org, found that three out
    of four executive directors planned to leave their positions within
    three years.”

    Yes, this could have been called the “Nonprofit Rapture” thesis, in which all the executive directors would be sucked up to heaven at once. It didn’t happen.

    The survey asked whether people were thinking of leaving their positions in the next three years, and what sane person hasn’t? To project actual turnover based on what people think they might do in the next three years is like projecting weight loss on what people say on January 1st. (So please stop writing like this self-reported survey is fact, nine years later!)

    The actual workforce record is that longevity and leadership turnover have been pretty stable over the last 20 years, a normal rate of churning in the nonprofit sector. Still, I can’t fault any of the highly talented and motivated members of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network for wanting to speed up the leadership transition process. Or to start their own organizations. Fresh ideas welcome.