• Gary Andover

    One would think that 3-5 million illegal voters would not be that hard to find.

    If they existed.

    • Third Sector Radio USA

      Of course they would not be. However, manufacturing “evidence” does take time.

  • drfinlay

    I am considering setting up an overseas affiliate here in Scotland, to be called “True the Vote – Loch Ness Monster Branch.” I have high hopes of an imminent discovery.

  • Amy Ehlers

    This is what is going on……

    but it is world wide, due to globalization.




    I have been looking at this since 2011, when I got into a very illegal court case in AZ. Has many names such as Cato, Heritage and it will not get better with Pence. He is a big part of ALEC. I have a lot of information on it. It is the churches, I saw it for a long time, but didn’t know what it was. The money Changers are globalized, so it is everywhere.

    Bayer is a part of ALEC…..this is Bayer



    The only way I see to fix this is to start a new economy…Buddhist Economy, I have a lot of info on both.

    In The Light

  • Chris Kreider

    Whenever I hear these stories I flip the question rather than how many voters were disenfranchised by illegal votes, how many potential voters were disenfranchised by illegal voter ID laws meant to keep them from voting. This is a much higher number, easier to find, and it is easy to track the efforts though the laws that are passed.