• sr911

    I tend to agree that we have to be at least somewhat “political” but social issues such as the ones you highlighted are simply not something we can get involved with. It is probably worth mentioning that groups should stick to things related to their area of focus to minimize the odds of increased scrutiny.

    I am right with you on birth control. I support it wholeheartedly…to the point that there’s a joke among my friends about starting a nonprofit doing “trap, neuter, release” like they do for feral cats but with tubal ligation and vasectomies. The only thing is that I have to keep my personal politics separate from my work since a lot of the people who care about missing veterans or missing persons in general (beyond using them as pawns for advancing their agenda) tend to be more to the conservative side of the spectrum. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut at work around potential donors and supporters. It’s just like how I don’t wear my Blue Lives Matter pin to YNPN events. You simply learn to watch where you step in a minefield.