This year NPQ launched so many important educational webinars including, as a new form of offering, an in-depth six-part series on nonprofit business models with Jeanne Bell and a brand new series on remaking the economy (watch the first and second part here).

But beyond the series, we have also presented many individual webinars that have received as many as ten thousand views individually over the last few years. So here are Nonprofit Quarterly‘s top ten webinars in 2018 as judged only by number of views, the list includes new videos as well as a few classics that are still as relevant as ever:

  1. Are You Ready to Comply with New FASB Guidelines?
  2. Fundraising Bright Spots: The Secrets of Successful Fundraising from Individuals
  3. Update on FASB Requirements: Disclosures, Endowments, and Cash Flows—Oh My!
  4. Maximizing Nonprofit Internal Controls: An Essential Guide for Even the Most Pure
  5. Nonprofit Full Costs Realized: How 2 Nonprofits Transformed their Budgets
  6. Creating High-Functioning Nonprofits: Who Should Have What Financial Information?
  7. Preparing for the One BIG Change in Nonprofit Financial Reporting per FASB
  8. Nonprofit Capital: How to Think Differently about Its Use in Your Organization
  9. How to Build a Dashboard for your Nonprofit: A Critical Strategic Tool Reveals Itself
  10. How to Master Complex Power Dynamics