Nonprofit Capital: How to Think Differently about Its Use in Your Organization

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About the Speaker:

As Founder and CEO, Hilda Polanco has led FMA to become a go-to capacity builder where foundation and nonprofit leaders seek to address nonprofit financial management issues.

A nationally recognized and sought after leader in the field, Hilda serves the sector in many ways. Hilda was a founding member of the selection committee of the New York Nonprofit Excellence Awards, established by the New York Times and the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee.

When not speaking publicly or leading FMA’s team, she provides direct capacity building, training and coaching services to foundations and nonprofits throughout the country.

This webinar was first posted online on November 10, 2016.

  • Lisa Salaices

    This was an excellent presentation, and I only reviewed the slides! Really great info I can use RIGHT AWAY! I am curious what you would think about separating both the revenue and expenses related to capital funds “below” the line – Like an adjusted EBITDA.