Ruth McCambridge

I want to introduce you to our newest feature, the NPQ Week in Review, and ask for your feedback. But first, I have something to say about some shifts that I feel happening around us.

Over the past few months, we have been tracking tales of groups of volunteers who have saved organizations that they love, young people who have taken action when their relationships suggested it would have been more comfortable to leave things be, and national service organizations that have decided finally to take on our tax structures, and I was reminded once again of the core values that have always attached me to this sector. Those values involve the seeking after justice with others, even when in so doing we may look rabid or ridiculous to our peers for a split second-or even a generation or two.

I am convinced that we who think activism is the soul of citizenship can rise to an occasion, but I’ll be damned if I really understand why the tipping points on overarching issues like tax justice do not occur when it seems like they should.

Part of what blocks us from being able to recognize and take action on overarching issues is constructed by our own selves. We get so attached to individual organizations and fields and so scared of our funding sources that we just do not look beyond our noses at contentious policy issues. It’s a kind of self-imposed catatonia that makes us look less powerful than we are-potentially.

Anyway, here at NPQ we try to do our part by surfacing the big trends in the political and funding environment for discussion among you, so that dialogues can occur and you can weigh in on what you think is important.

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But for that to be fully effective, you have to watch the discussions in our comments section, the trending tweets, and the new content added regularly by readers-and you are all busy, so . . . to make watching the reader-generated trends at NPQeasy, we recently started our newest feature: NPQ Week in Review.

Please take a look and tell us what you think. It is a work in progress, and we are open to advice!

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