April 30, 2012; Source: The Daily Beast

NPQ does not know what to think of this announcement in the Daily Beast that if the American Prospect does not come up with a half million dollars it will close once it finishes production on the July/August double issue. By now, we assume that our readers know that many publishers are struggling with a business model that at times seems unworkable. Although efforts are still being made to come up with the money, editor Kit Rachlis evidently thinks that the situation is critical enough to inform staff and sound the alarm.

As Ami Dar of Idealist said in his trendcast with us (in discussing a similar alarm that he sounded to the Idealist community), you cannot do this kind of thing multiple times, so NPQ assumes that the publication is indeed in trouble. The American Prospect is an important publication and we wish it the best possible outcome. –Ruth McCambridge