July/August, 2011; Source: AARP Bulletin | The work of nonprofits is the stuff of dreams for workers aged 50+ who are looking to launch an “encore” career. The American Association of Retired Persons reports that the most desired fields of work for encore careers are:

  1. Health care – hospital, hospice, nursing
  2. Work with older people
  3. Spiritual/religious work
  4. Local or global poverty alleviation
  5. Community safety
  6. Teaching
  7. Conservation
  8. Work with children/youth

And, the #1 most desired work for an encore career is . . . Advocacy!

Nonprofits are key players in all of these fields. Given these results, the 50+ age group may be particularly ripe for mobilization and engagement around policy advocacy. The timing couldn’t be better, as such work is experiencing a resurgence and heightened prioritization across the sector.—Kathi Jaworski