ElisaRiva [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Once again, it’s time to sum up which of the thousands of pieces NPQ published this year drew the most readers. Some themes came through loud and clear; most notably, we noticed high interest in issues of racial justice across all our venues.

Top 5 Features

NPQ publishes one or two features each day. Many are written by external contributors with whom we work regularly to track questions critical to the future of the civil sector. In some cases, these contributors are “pracademics”—academic researchers with an interest in answering the knowledge needs of our readers. This year, all of our top features were written by non-staff members—except the top spot, which is held by our own Senior Editor Cyndi Suarez.

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Top 5 Newswires

NPQ produces five newswires every day on a wide variety of topics; these track trends in the nonprofit, philanthropic, and activist operating environments. The newswires are produced in large part by NPQ’s volunteer newswire writers; the first three below are examples of their work. These pieces tend to be very current and tied to developments in the sector. The news we report here is given context and meaning by people familiar with the dynamics of the sector as a whole and all of its subsectors.

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Top 2 Podcasts

Tiny Spark’s Amy Costello and Freddie Boswell release a new podcast twice monthly with original reporting that delves deeply into a topic we likely have been exploring elsewhere. The word many use to describe these is “rich.”

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Top 3 Classics

NPQ makes active use of its archive, republishing popular features from time to time. The number of visits these continue to get over the years is testament to their “classic” status. In this category, the emphasis is on financial management, one of NPQ’s historic sweet spots. The first listed here received almost 14,000 visits in 2019, and we have published it yearly since 2011. “A Graphic Re-visioning” has more than 16,000 visits in its fourth year of annual publication.

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